We Have Over +5,000 People Shopping For Fresh Fruit Every Week

3 Steps To Sell Fruit

  • Step One: Register Your Farm
  • Step Two: List Fruit For Sale
  • Step Three: Ship The Orders

No Listing Fees

All transactions are processed by PayPal. No listing fees. Our platform fees are $1 for each transaction (weight or quantity of purchase is not a factor) + standard PayPal processing rates.

Why Join The Fastest Growing Marketplace?

Fresh California Fruit Has Been Reviewed And Approved By The California Department Of Food And Agriculture.

“Direct Marketing of agricultural products benefits the agricultural community and the consumer by, among other things, providing an alternative method for growers to sell their products while benefiting the consumer by supplying quality produce at reasonable process.”
– California Food and Agriculture Code Section 47000(a)

We Take Care Of All Of The Marketing

Our marketing and sales automation makes sure there are always customers on the marketplace who are shopping to buy fresh fruit. From search engines like Google, to all sorts of advertisements, we take care of everything with no cost passed on to you or the customer.

You Get Paid Immediately

We use PayPal to protect your sensitive information and provide protection for the customer’s payment method. You will be paid automatically and immediately after a sale has occurred. The funds will be available in your PayPal account right away, less the $1 per-sale rate we charge and any PayPal processing fees (typically 3%).

We Handle All The Website Tech

Our engineers have built a complete marketplace with a detailed farm store manager. You can add fruit, remove fruit, process orders, take care of shipping, receive email alerts, view your store data, receive & respond to customer inquiries, and a lot more.

We Made Shipping Simple For You

The customer will pay the actual shipping rate at the time of purchase. The rate is determined by the United States Post Office for the weight and distance it will travel. You print the pre-paid postage label and fix it to the box. Drop it off at any post office or get daily pickup. Boxes and non-toxic frozen gel packs are available for purchase for around $1.

We Will Set It Up For You At No Cost

Our team will come out to your farm and take pictures of your farm, the trees or plants, and the fruit you would like to sell. We will help write an about the farm bio, walk you through the registration steps online, list the fruit for sale on your behalf, and make sure you are setup for success before we leave your farm (we will take pictures, create your store, and upload the fruit you have for sale to the marketplace).

Our Marketplace Is Safe and Secure for Sellers and Buyers

Our marketplace uses the same secure encryption technology as the world’s top banking institutions. On top of that, all transactions are handled 100% by PayPal. We do not have access to seller or buyer credit card details, bank information, or PayPal account information. When a seller connects their PayPal account, the entire process happens directly on PayPal.com. PayPal then passes a secure token allowing the marketplace to send funds into, (and not out of), your PayPal account. For the buyer, when they pay for an order, that process is fully integrated on PayPal.com so we do not see or store any sensitive information or data for either the buyer or the seller.

We Have Thousands of People Shopping Every Week for Fruit.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before getting started.

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How This Works In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1) Register For A Store

You can use any button on this page or follow this link to register for a store on the marketplace for free. After you submit your information, our team will review it and based on the information provided, you will receive an approval or denial response within 24-72 hours.

Step 3) Process Your Orders

When a customer makes a sale, the fund will be immediately deposited into your PayPal account and you will receive an email about the sale. You can then open your store manager to print out a prepaid label for the order.

Step 2) Setup Your Store

After you have been approved, the next step is to set your store up. To do that, you will receive an email from us with the following steps to complete; finish the store setup wizard, securely connect your PayPal business account, and add your fruit for sale.

Step 3) Process Your Orders

When a customer makes a sale, the fund will be immediately deposited into your PayPal account and you will receive an email about the sale. You can then open your store manager to print out a prepaid label for the order.

Step 4) Ship Your Orders

After you have printed the prepaid label, safely package the fruit and ready it for drop off at USPS (free daily pickup is available where offered). When the order is received by USPS, the customer will get an email with their tracking number showing the delivery date.

Automatic Customer Review Collection

After the package has been dropped off by the United States Post Office, the system will automatically mark the order as completed in the store manager. It will also send an email to you and the customer letting both parties know that the package has been delivered. A few days after that, the customer will receive an email asking to leave their review. As a farm receives more reviews, more people will buy more fruit.

Sell Fruit In A Way That’s Better For The Environment Than The Primary Market

It is convenient for customers to order fruit from their local grocery store, but many rely on having their shopping cart delivered instantly or having someone dashing to their door. The reality of using those services, is that it is creating more vehicles on the road that burn more fuel and it creates more pollution to make those deliveries. When you sell fruit with Fresh California Fruit, your package is delivered in just a few days by USPS who is already in route to every home in America every day of the work week + Saturday too.

Additional Benefits

Highlight Your Farm

You can provide background information, images, and tell the world the story about your farm.

Tell America What You Grow

You can let people know the type of fruit you grow, if it is organic, or has any other special treatment.

Sell To Restaurants

You can supply restaurants with large quantities of fresh fruit on a regular basis.

Create Subscription Boxes

You can create weekly or monthly subscription boxes and build a large revenue stream for your farm business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register And Start Selling Fruit?

Use any button on this page or visit this URL to begin the registration process: https://www.freshcaliforniafruit.com/vendor-register/

On the registration page you will need to enter your farm business information. This is to make sure Fresh California Fruit is compliant with Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Patriot Act.

We will review your information and approve those who have information that matches what is on file with the State of California.

After approval, you will get an email with the next steps.

The store registration process after approval:

  1. Add your logo
  2. Add a banner (1650px wide by 250px tall)
  3. Name your store
  4. Set your physical location (where you will ship from for shipping purposes)
  5. Enter your PayPal email (so you can get paid after a sale)
  6. Enter customer support information like email and phone number (if you wish to provide it)
  7. Store Search Engine Optimization (Show up in your local area or for other searches with store SEO setup)
  8. Facebook & Twitter Meta Title, Description, and Image setup (optional – but recommended)
  9. Add the links to your social media accounts so your customers can follow you and see your content (optional).

What Is The Store Manager?

The store manager the place where a famer can manage their fruit store business and view the following:

  • View your store dashboard.
  • Add fruit for sale.
  • Review all orders and view all orders, customers and status at-a-glance with filters and date sorting.
  • Review payments received.
  • Print shipping labels (you can tape the label to the shipping box and drop off at the post office or have USPS come out to your farm to pick up the package).
  • Review all of your customers (customers will receive marketing communications from Fresh California Fruit, but you may also wish to communicate directly with your customers).
  • Review any refunds that have been made.
  • Adjust your profile and store settings.
  • Review your ledger book to view total earnings, total withdrawn funds, and total refunds.
  • View analytic reports with data tracking for gross sales, admin fees, paid fees, refunds, tax amounts, shipping amounts, and order counts tracked over a selected time range.
  • Review all product and store reviews left by customers (only customers can leave reviews).
  • Notification manager to view messages that may need your attention.

    What Is On The Seller Dashboard?

    Dashboard with overview of:

    • Sales
    • Items sold
    • Fees paid
    • Orders received
    • Sales by date chart
    • Store analytics
    • Sales by product
    • Notification alert messages
    • Customer inquiry messages
    • Your store’s business statistics.

    How Do I Add Fruit For Sale?

    Watch the video to learn how to add fruit for sale:

    Fill out the simple one-page form in the sellers store manager to add fruit for sale.

    Include the following:

    1. Add a title
    2. Regular price & Sale price (optional to use the “on sale” price)
    3. Description of the fruit
    4. Main image of fruit & additional images 
    5. Select the categories that the fruit belongs classified in
    6. Add shipping details (weight, size, your S&H processing time)
    7. Enter fruit attributes

    After adding the details for the fruit, you can press the green submit button.

    After you press it, you will hear an audible alert and see a success message.

    After that success message has been shown, your product will be visible on the marketplace.

    A new button “visit” will appear at the bottom. You can press this button to view the fruit for sale on the marketplace (we recommend sharing these URLs on your social media and email lists).

      How Do I Know When Fruit Sells?

      You will receive an email directly from Fresh California Fruit for the amount of the transaction.

      After that, you can log into the Store Manager and print the shipping label for the order.

      View the video below to see how to find an order in your Store Manager:



        How Do Subscription Box Payments Work?

        Watch the video to learn how to add a subscription box to the site:


        When you post a subscription box for sale, this allows the person to purchase that fruit at the interval you set.

        How it works:

        1. Seller creates a subscription box by adding in the type of fruit and the interval: daily, weekly, or monthly.
        2. Buyer selects the number of pounds of fruit for the interval they would like. They then create an order for a subscription box.
        3. The seller will receive an email directly from Fresh California Fruit for the amount of the transaction.
        4. The seller processes and ships the order by logging into the Store Manager and print the shipping label for the order.
        5. The buyer will receive an invoice on the day of their interval (daily, weekly, or monthly).
        6. If the buyer pays the invoice, then the seller receives the order.
        7. The seller will receive an email directly from Fresh California Fruit for the amount of the transaction.
        8. The seller processes and ships the order by logging into the Store Manager and print the shipping label for the order.
        9. This continues until the buyer does not pay the invoice or cancels the subscription.

        Please view the example below to see what the buyer will receive.


        When the customer clicks on the “Pay Now” link, they will be able to sign into the checkout (where it will auto-fill the information stored in the system and automatically ready the subscription box for purchase).


          What If My Fruit Category Isn’t Listed?

          We have tried to list all the popular categories of fruit grown in California but if you have something we haven’t listed yet, please email us at support@freshcaliforniafruit.com

          We will add it to the system within 24 hours and let you know when it is available to select.

            What Is An Abandoned Cart Message?

            When a customer has added an item in their cart and then entered their email address, the system will keep a record of it. If they leave the marketplace without making a purchase, Fresh California Fruit will automatically send this person an abandoned cart reminder email asking them to come back and complete their purchase.

            They will get an email with the products they had in their cart, and with 1-click in the email, it will return the person to the site and re-add the products back into their cart upon revisiting the site.

                What Happens After The Sale?

                After the transaction has occurred, the seller will receive the funds from the order (less the $1 Fresh California Fruit rate per sale and any PayPal fees which are typically 3%).

                • Both the seller (you) and the customer will receive email receipts of the order.
                • You can then print the shipping label for the customer’s order.
                • The tracking number will automatically be added to that customer’s order by the system.
                • Fresh California Fruit will automatically email the tracking number to the customer so they can track their package.
                • Example: A customer makes a $30 order from you that consists of 10lb of Oranges and 5lbs of Peaches. The fees deducted would be $1 and the standard PayPal processing rates (3.49% + $0.49 per transaction). You would net $27.46 in your PayPal account immediately after the sale.

                  How Does Shipping Work?

                  Watch the video to learn how our simple shipping works.

                  • Buyer pays the actual USPS shipping rate at time of purchase.
                  • The shipping rate is determined directly by USPS and comes from the size/weight of the rock and the distance it will travel.
                  • Seller prints the shipping label from the store manager.
                  • Fresh California Fruit’s system will automatically record the shipping tracking number from the USPS label into the order details and send the tracking number in an email to the customer.
                  • Seller prints prepaid shipping label with any regular printer.
                  • Seller safely packages fruit in box and tapes the label on to the box for shipping.
                  • Seller drops the package off at any United States Post Office or get daily USPS pickup if you are in an area where that service is provided.
                  • *Note: our system automatically adds 1 pound to the order weight total to compensate for the packaging material. 

                  After printing the shipping label if you return to the order page, you can access the tracking number and other details regarding the shipment:


                  We advertise that all fruit will be shipped with USPS within 24 hours, please try your best to honor that.

                  Note: the faster you deliver your packages to the post office, the more positive your product and store reviews will be from customers (and the more people who will feel comfortable ordering directly from you in the future).

                  USPS weight and size limits: based on USPS restrictions, all packages will need to be under the 75lb weight limit for USPS. For priority mail boxes, the size dimensions of 12x12x6 and under 75lbs.

                  Automated tracking: our system will automatically email the USPS tracking number to the customer so they can keep track of it when it’s shipped, in-transit, and delivered. Below is an example of the shipping tracking email a customer will receive in their inbox.


                        What Happens If A Lost Package Or Theft Occurs?

                        If a loss or theft of a package occurs, then the customer will have to initiate an insurance claim.

                        The claim form for USPS is found here: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm

                        USPS priority mail flat rate boxes have a range of different insurance amounts from $50 on the small package to $100 for a large flat rate box. However, the contents are perishable and are not able to be insured if shipping is delayed and the fruit spoils in transit.

                        This standard insurance is free and included with the shipping label during purchase.

                        If you need additional insurance, you will have to add at the post office when you drop that package off for shipping.

                              What Happens If My Inventory Sells Out?

                              Watch the video to learn about our “Out Of Stock” notification system:

                              How Out of Stock Notifications Work

                              When you add inventory and sell out, the customer will see a “Out of Stock” notification. They can sign up to receive an email update when you add more stock to your inventory.

                              How Do I Process a Refund?

                              After the order has been shipped, we do not offer refunds. However, customers might cancel an order before it ships and that requires a refund.

                              To process a refund:

                              • (1st) refund the payment for the order directly on PayPal.com
                              • (2nd) visit the Store Manager > Click on Orders > Click on the box with two arrows and that will start the refund process on the marketplace.