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The Asian Pear, distinguished by its round shape, unique brown skin, and delicately sweet taste, stands out in the pear family. Unlike other pears, its skin remains a consistent brown color even when ripe, providing a unique visual cue. Originating from East Asia, this fruit variety has gained popularity across the globe for its refreshing texture and flavor. Its flesh is exceptionally crisp, juicy, and dense, with a coarse texture that sets it apart from its counterparts. Upon ripening, Asian Pears offer a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess, with subtle hints of apple flavor that enhance their culinary versatility. They are exceptionally ideal for fresh consumption in salads, as well as for baking, cooking, canning, and poaching, thanks to their robust texture that holds up well to various cooking methods. Low in calories, Asian Pears are a good source of soluble dietary fiber and contain vitamins: A, B-complex (including thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin), C (antioxidant), and K, making them a nutritious addition to any diet.

The Asian Pears we sell are grown in California, USA. Pre-order by the pound (approximately 2 to 3 pears). Asian Pears are in season from July to the end of March. Pre-orders will ship with 1-3 day priority mail shipping in the middle of July.

USA Home Shipping or Business Deliveries
Asian Pears for home shipping or business deliveries are limited. Pre-order today for the 2024 season. You will receive a tracking notification after your order has shipped and another tracking notification after your order is delivered.

For Wholesale | Bulk | Export Orders
To get started with a wholesale order for Asian Pears, contact us by email: After you contact us, you will be able to place your order by the ton (2,000 pounds / 907 Kilograms). We will then establish real-time shipping rates for your order. Your order will arrive in a refrigerated container. One container can hold up to 20 tons of any variety of fruit. Worldwide shipping in refrigerated containers delivered to your port in 7 days or less is available with air freight. Shipping by sea is available for ports and routes where under 3 week delivery from Los Angeles, California is available.

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