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Pluots are a distinctive fruit known for their sweet flavor that blends the tastes of plums and apricots. They exhibit a unique appearance, often with a smooth skin that varies in color from deep purple to a reddish hue. This hybrid fruit, developed through the careful cross-pollination of plums and apricots, boasts a juicy and tender texture that makes it exceptionally versatile in culinary applications. Pluots are excellent for eating fresh out of hand, as well as for incorporating into a wide array of desserts, baking recipes, freezing for later use, or canning to preserve their delightful taste. Originating from a relatively recent agricultural innovation, pluots have quickly gained popularity for their innovative flavor profile and ease of use in the kitchen. Each pluot contains approximately 17 calories, varying slightly based on its size, making them a low-calorie option. Rich in vitamin C, pluots contribute to a healthy immune system health, skin health, and overall well-being. Low in calories, pluots are a good source of soluble dietary fiber and contain vitamins: A, B-complex (including thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin), C (antioxidant), and K.

The Pluots we sell are grown in California, USA. Pre-order by the pound (approximately 6 to 8 pieces of fruit). Pluots are in season from Mid-May to the middle of October. Pre-orders will ship with 1-3 day priority mail shipping in the last weeks of May.

USA Home Shipping or Business Deliveries
Pluot quantities for home shipping or business deliveries are limited. Pre-order today for the 2024 season. You will receive a tracking notification after your order has shipped and another tracking notification after your order is delivered.

For Wholesale | Bulk | Export Orders
To get started with a wholesale order for Pluots, contact us by email: After you contact us, you will be able to place your order by the ton (2,000 pounds / 907 Kilograms). We will then establish real-time shipping rates for your order. Your order will arrive in a refrigerated container. One container can hold up to 20 tons of any variety of fruit. Worldwide shipping in refrigerated containers delivered to your port in 7 days or less is available with air freight. Shipping by sea is available for ports and routes where under 3 week delivery from Los Angeles, California is available.


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